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Choose from photographic and artistic exhibitions, theatre and music performances, festivals, museums, fantastic restaurants, clubs, pubs and sporting activities such as cycling, trekking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and much more. Czech Republic has a very high literacy rate, which is the same for women and men at 99% .

  • The Command of the Minister of Defence sets various orders to bodies of the Ministry of Defence with the purpose to advance gender equality.
  • The organisation complains that the Czech Republic fails to observe the principle of equal pay for women and men for equal, similar or comparable work in breach of the above-mentioned provisions.
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  • If the road to inequality is paved with good intentions, Czech women might know one or two things we don’t.

The tough, tragic fates of the main figures, often corrupted by poverty and little experience, are described in a naturalistic yet poetic way. At one point, the small village community, clinging to ideas based on obsolete stereotypes and the cycle of religious and secular events, surprisingly turns to uncompromising evil, and cruelty. Brutally honest, Kobold, nominated for two of the Czech Republic’s most prestigious literary awards, tells two loosely connected stories of women suffering male violence, a recurring theme in Radka Denemarková’s writing. In the first story, set in Nazi-occupied Prague, the violence is embodied by Michael Kobold, half-man and half-water goblin obsessed with the medieval Charles Bridge, who abuses his sensitive wife and reduces her to scribbling poetry on scraps of flour packaging. In the second story, a young unemployed Roma single mother is the victim of the newly prosperous, indifferent society of post-Communist Prague.

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The time is ripe for presses that, until now, have been translation-shy to find new authors and reach new readers. Lomová is the most popular Czech comics author abroad, thanks to prize-winning translations of her works in France, where the form has a devoted following. Winner of the 2013 Magnesia Litera prize for fiction, this partly autobiographical novel tells the story of Ema Černá, a middle-aged divorcée, who has to undergo psychiatric treatment. In the hospital, she meets women suffering from various kinds of addiction, and grapples with her own vivid memories, hallucinations, dreams and the harsh reality. The ceiling of her hospital room becomes a metaphor of her desire for freedom, a screen onto which the past and present, and fantasies and reality are projected, interweaved. In Bohemia the people are generally perceived to be more reserved and especially keen on beer, while in Moravia they are said to be extremely friendly, more rural and fond of the wine grown across the southern part of the area. Moravians also speak their own dialect of Czech and consider themselves to be a sovereign nation which, as yet, has failed to gain political recognition.

Although Czechs and Slovaks refer to themselves as ‘brothers’, they are quite different. Stereotypically, Czechs are seen as being far more placid and sanguine than Slovaks, who have a reputation as being quite fiery. When Czechoslovakia broke up in 1990 most of the population actually did not want to separate, but the politicians of the time decided to have what is called ‘The Velvet Divorce’. The name is given due to the smooth and peaceful nature of the split, and also refers to the event which ousted Communism – The Velvet Revolution, a peaceful affair which was also largely free of bloodshed. Despite a contracting economy from 1989 to 1991, labor force participation of Czech women remains high. Earnings needs, a high divorce rate, and a growing proportion of families headed by women explain the very modest decline in women’s participation.

The country’s ex-pat community is huge.

For many, that realization began with Alison Anderson’s 2013 Words Without Borders article “Where Are the Women in Translation? ” Advocacy and activism to change that fact have blossomed in the years since.

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On the night of May 30, 1945, Gerta and her baby are rounded up with the other ethnic Germans remaining in Brno and forced to march toward the Austrian border. Pulled off the march to work in forced labor in a rural village in southern Moravia, Gerta and her daughter survive the postwar period and return to Brno, only to find themselves yet again marginalized by society, this time under the Communist regime. The novel continues through the year 2000, when official representatives of Brno were urged to issue a statement of disapproval for the actions of their predecessors and to offer a formal apology to the victims of the expulsion. The fact that the translations we read in English are overwhelmingly by male authors is increasingly getting attention.

It shines a spotlight on a long-neglected episode in Czech history, and exposes the devastating effects of social cycles that operate on the premise of collective guilt, which sanctions crimes against a population based solely on ethnicity. As these cycles are being perpetuated even today, the issues Tučková explores are of global relevance. Amor and Psyche is a fascinating experimental prose work structured as two diaries and a short novel. Using the diaries of two women, the student Augustina and the teacher Alžběta, to create a kind of double exposure, the novel playfully reflects the author’s own experience both as a student and as a beginning writer in search of new literary forms.