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Krieg im Orient

Das Scheitern des Westens 

Der Nahe und Mittlere Osten ist seit Jahrzehnten ein Brennpunkt der Weltpolitik. Irak, Iran, Saudi-Arabien, Syrien, Libyen, Afghanistan: Die Länder sind ebenso unterschiedlich wie ihre jeweiligen Problemlagen, aber eines, sagt Ulrich Tilgner, haben die dortigen Krisen gemeinsam: Sie strahlen in den Westen ab. Migration und Terror heißen die Stichworte. Mehr noch: Der Westen trägt durch seine verfehlte Politik eine große Mitschuld an der Entstehung und Verbreitung von Terrororganisationen wie dem «Islamischen Staat» oder den permanenten (Bürger-)Kriegen in der Region. Am schlimmsten jedoch ist, so die These von Ulrich Tilgner, dass das Scheitern der westlichen Politik im Orient nichts anderes bezeichnet als einen Wendepunkt der globalen Entwicklung. Der Rückzug der USA aus der Region bedeutet einen weiteren Abschied von ihrer Rolle als weltweiter Ordnungsmacht – und dass auf Europa neue Probleme und Aufgaben zukommen.
Es dürfte wenige Journalisten geben, die ein Gebiet der Welt und seine Veränderungen so fundiert analysieren können wie Ulrich Tilgner, der seit vierzig Jahren die gesamte Region kennt. Sein schonungsloser Bericht ist zugleich eine augenöffnende Analyse eines der gefährlichsten Brandherde der Weltpolitik.

Die Logik der Waffen

Westliche Politik im Orient

Die politische Situation im Orient verändert sich dramatisch. Die Konflikte in der Region sind nicht gelöst. Statt den Aufbau moderner Zivilgesellschaften zu fördern, zieht sich der Westen zurück.

Die USA heizen Bürgerkriege an und verteidigen ihre strategischen Interessen in der Region mit neuen militärischen Mitteln – mit Drohneneinsätzen, Kommandoaktionen und Cyberkrieg.Die Folgen für die Menschen treten zunehmend in den Hintergrund – politische Interessen haben Vorrang.

Mit unverstelltem Blick und dreißigjähriger Erfahrung beschreibt Korrespondent Ulrich Tilgner, worauf die Logik der Waffen beruht und warum die westliche Politik im Orient scheitert.

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Zwischen Krieg und Terror

Der Zusammenprall von Islam und westlicher Politik im Mittleren Osten – Die Hintergründe des islamisch-westlichen Konflikts – Themenschwerpunkte: Iran – Irak – Afghanistan

Weder Militärs noch Diplomaten haben die Krisen im Mittleren Osten noch unter Kontrolle. Nur jenseits militärischer Aktionen und Angriffsdrohungen gibt es einen Weg, gemeinsam eine friedliche Entwicklung ohne Gewalt zu fördern.

Ulrich Tilgner, Journalist vor Ort, über eine Region zwischen Krieg und Frieden.


Purchasing the best Medical Products and services

When a affected individual is in need of medical solutions, it’s important to examine possible caution. This is especially true in terms of finding the best clinic for a particular health issue. Many affected individuals are looking for a facility that has all of the most up-to-date equipment while offering a wide range of medical services. A hospital using a great reputation is usually a plus, as it will likely get more people.

The best medical services are those that provide the most effective treatment, while as well maintaining if you are a00 of comfort with regards to the patient. This can include from the way a nurse or perhaps doctor doggie snacks a patient to how clean your medical service is. A lot of private hospitals even have a guest rating program that allows clients to amount the hospitality and comfort of the staff.

In addition to examining healthcare costs and quality, the best medical products and services will provide excellent customer satisfaction. This can be as a friendly receptionist or a helpful physician who will listen to the patient’s worries and help them make the best decision for their particular health problem.

Several companies are trying to improve health care access and efficiency, and several are even rendering it more affordable. For instance , the telehealth company Teladoc offers on demand telemedicine goes to for non-life-threatening conditions at a cost of $75 every visit or a lesser amount of with insurance. Another telemedicine company, Amwell, has an iOS and Android app that lets users talk to registered therapists and psychiatrists meant for help with mental medical problems.

Selecting the right Online Repayment Processor

Whether you aren’t collecting payments online just for registration, regular membership or shawls by hoda donates, the members anticipate to pay very easily and firmly. Choosing the right repayment gateway, processor and merchant account will let you achieve this.

A payment processor chip is a middleman that ensures the customer’s funds makes it using their company bank to yours. They get a variety of inputs, such as debit or credit card information and bank account information, and relay them to the correct parties in real time.

When a consumer places a great order with your website, their card details is protected and brought to the repayment gateway. The payment processor chip then connections the providing bank or card network to verify that the purchase is genuine and that the consumer seems to have enough funds in their profile to total it. In case the processor approves the deal, it will mail a message to the payment gateway, which in turn can inform their webpage that the payment was successful.

In addition to handling credit and debit cards transactions, a lot of payment cpus also take care of other types of electronic digital payments including ACH bank transfers and eChecks (electronic versions of paper checks converted into VERY SINGLE transactions). Various other services they offer may include scams detection and prevention equipment, as well as info reporting. They make their money by charging a service fee—typically a set monthly charge combined with cheaper per-transaction authorization fees. They could also demand a set amount per item available or based upon the number of products purchased.

What Happens at a Board Achieving?

Board Getting together with is when the directors of any business or perhaps nonprofit get together to discuss and make decisions on issues pertaining to the organization. They are in charge of evaluating the company’s effectiveness and engaging in strategic discussions. They must likewise approve ideas of actions to ensure the extended success and stableness of the group.

The first part of the assembly typically addresses key effectiveness indicators (KPIs) and metrics for that specific time period to determine how very well the company is certainly progressing. This can be followed by a Q&A section, where the plank members can ask questions and get clarification about any tips. Additionally , in the event that there are virtually any pending plan items, they could be addressed right here.

Next, the board discusses choices and approaches for promoting growth. This can involve discussing new items, launching in various markets or increasing revenue for the approaching quarter or year. This is a vital part of the interacting with as it can ensure that the board determine whether or not to invest in particular assignments.

After all the topic and deliberations, the plank votes about any issues that require a formal decision. The results of these votes could be recorded inside the official achieving minutes, that ought to clearly show each member’s decision and the reason for voting yay or nay. Generally, these Board Meeting motions will be introduced while using phrase “I move to… inch after which “seconded” by simply another member before they are really called for a vote. A recording from the result of every single motion can be made by by using a variety of strategies, such as speech votes, reveals of hands or a measured tally of yays and nays.

Avast Ultimate Variable Review

Avast best variable review may be a premium security suite having a high spyware detection pace and top of the line web safeguards. It also offers leading PC clean-up and tune-up equipment, a VPN with respect to online privateness, and username and password management equipment. It’s light-weight and achieved our 2023 Malware Secure test, which means it shouldn’t have a big impact on your device’s performance. The smart understand function likewise makes your device run faster by clearing up space, freezing record processes, and updating courses that are not up to date.

The suite features a number of additional useful features like a username and password manager, protected shredder, and a remote wipe characteristic. It also consists of a Wi-Fi Inspector that detects network vulnerabilities, along with AntiTrack to avoid trackers from collecting your computer data. Its sandboxed browser is perfect for online shopping and banking, whilst Commercial loan company Mode offers additional security by running transactions in an isolated environment.

Its program is one of the the majority of intuitive we’ve seen, with brief explanations attached to every single major tool and research online function that makes it simple to find configurations you need. The app is really lightweight and can be used throughout platforms, which include iOS, Android, and macOS.

The purchase price tag is relating to the higher part compared to additional antiviruses, nonetheless it’s worth looking at if you want in order to keep devices safe. We would love to see a even more transparent costs policy, nevertheless, particularly as the company’s data-sharing techniques are a concern.

How you can Create a Boardroom Commitment to Information Reliability

In boardrooms around the world, details security is becoming an urgent issue with true consequences for business. Despite this, many C-suite execs still rarely view it since the central issue they require to tackle within their role. It’s a challenge that CISOs need to job to cured.

The best way to make this happen is by changing the way the organization thinks about cybersecurity, from an isolated technical topic into a fundamental element of the board’s tasks. It’s a procedure that would not happen through the night, and will require the support of account manager leadership, nevertheless can ultimately lead to better relationships between boards and their organizations, and a boardroom that embraces cybersecurity as a crucial element of business strategy.

To achieve that, it’s essential for CISOs to present their secureness priorities inside the context on the business. It’s a message that needs more than just a short presentation at each meeting : it means discussing security between meetings, requesting questions outside of what is presented, and demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity outside of just the boardroom.

It is also important of talking in a vocabulary that the table can figure out. Board members are busy folks that don’t have time for long perceptive discussions about potential hazards, and they desire clear sales messages that make them to make well informed decisions quickly. Using real circumstances of how cyberattacks impact the company and representing risk scores in a way that is simple to absorb will be impressive in this regard.

Cooperation Software Just for Boards

In a regarding ever-increasing technology and unavoidable change, successful collaboration is vital to market success. Planks and their members need to embrace this method to be able to produce informed decisions to ensure company survival. Collaboration application is one of the most highly effective tools offered in achieve this aim.

Many mission-driven organisations make use of team collaboration software to carry out day-to-day work, such as Basecamp, Google Drive and Dropbox. While they are useful, they are not optimized for the unique workflows linked to board and committee work. Actually using these tools for board-related tasks could cause a number of pricey inefficiencies that impact the organisation’s capability to fulfil its mission.

For example , when using a mass collaboration instrument for board-related work, it really is difficult to track down documents and files. This may cause confusion that version of any doc is the most up dated. Additionally , these kind of platforms aren’t secure enough for very sensitive board info. This can be a significant issue designed for mission-driven organisations that require the very best level of secureness and safeguards of secret information.

As opposed, a dedicated aboard portal, like Boardlogic from Praxonomy, is built specifically while using needs of boards at heart. A panel portal gives a complete selection of governance features such as electronic aboard books, e-signature capability, appointment agenda and a few minutes creation and storage of archived board documents. This enables firm secretaries just to save time and assets by eliminating the requirement to use multiple different applications and approaches to execute central governance duties.

VDR Software — Common Employ Cases

VDR computer software enables businesses to share, store and work together on papers and data securely. They also provide numerous features which will make them suitable for a wide range of sector sectors and business transaction types. The most common employ cases for people platforms involve:

Mergers and acquisitions need a lot of hypersensitive data sharing. A VDR can help businesses protect their very own data and remain up to date with regulatory standards during homework processes. In the case a deal declines through, users can easily revoke access to data.

For private equity finance firms, a VDR is vital to handle M&A contracts and other sensitive proof. The platform helps you to streamline the deal process and increase productivity simply by enabling celebrations to review documents at their own convenience. The platform also supports protect tagging and archiving of documents.

Genuine est and fund deals frequently involve huge amounts of document exchange. A VDR is ideal for controlling these operations because it provides a reliable method of disclosure and collaboration between all stakeholders.

While it may be difficult to find a VDR that is user friendly, it’s important to consider your completely unique needs when creating your decision. The right professional will be able to support your business’s existing work flow and ensure that you could achieve your desired positive aspects.

The best VDRs will allow you to customize your individual permissions, monitor activity and receive personalized notifications. They will provide a a few different storage options, drag & drop functionality and security features such as specific data file protection and AES 256 encryption. They will also support a variety of different operating systems and mobile devices.

Buyer Data Rooms – Exactly what They?

When youre a start-up, it may seem the goal is to line up investors as quickly as possible. But , that’s not at all times the case. A whole lot of companies must travel through due diligence before they reach this point. And, as part of research, investors need a lot of information with regards to your business. That is where an investor data bedroom comes in.

An information room is a digital storage place for files that are crucial with regards to conducting due diligence. This means that you have a secure destination to store your documents, which are after that accessible simply by any party that needs to assessment them. This can include potential investors, consumers or various other stakeholders.

The main benefit of having a electronic data bedroom is that that reduces the amount of paperwork and paper data that need to be sent or kept. It also means that any persons who need to access the data can do so over the internet within a secure environment.

A web based data room can be more cost-effective than the usual physical one. This is because it doesn’t need a dedicated space to store files, plus reliability staff. Furthermore, a VDR can also keep an eye on the activity of users and report on who may have accessed what information.

A buyer data room can be a great way to assist your business be ready for once you’re willing to sell or perhaps get purchased. And, after some bit of organizing and some careful preparation, your computer data room can make it a lot easier for your traders to understand the cost of your business that help you obtain the deal you happen to be hoping for.

Basic principles of a Panel Meeting

A aboard conference is a frequent formal gathering where customers of the leading management of an organization discuss key issues that affect the firm. It also assists them assess and monitor the company’s improvement by discussing its functionality reports, current endeavors, and future assignments.

Before a board get together, members should familiarize themselves with the board papers so they can ask questions and clarify any information that may be unclear. This will help data room services the meetings work smoothly and stay on period. It is also essential to set obvious expectations with respect to the length of every agenda item, so that everyone is able to stay on activity. If the reaching goes over period, it may be challenging to complete each of the items on the list.

The main reason for a panel meeting is usually to take on and solve issues that the company can be having or identify new company opportunities which have been worth exploring. To do this, the board ratings performance reports for a given time frame to see how things have been going of course, if any improvements need to be manufactured. They can therefore weigh the pros and disadvantages of potential changes to the company’s framework or experditions.

The next part of a table meeting should be to make resolutions that is completed at the next gathering. The board seat or admin will usually browse them to be able to all associates for acceptance. It is also a good idea to announce the dates of your next events towards the end of the current one.

Adaware Review – Is Adaware Review Right For You?

Developed by cybersecurity service provider Lavasoft (formerly often known as Ad-Aware), adaware assessment is designed to battle spyware hazards like applications that the path your surfing around habits or perhaps hijack your property page. It also offers an comprehensive collection of additional tools to patrol your privacy. The program will come in a free and paid variation and offers minimal components requirements. The cozy ui and simple efficiency make that easy to use. Its main display shows all the features you are able to enable or disable, and the Full Diagnostic scan button is right in the middle with shortcuts to scan options listed on the still left sidebar.

Aside from the basic real-time ant-virus and down load protection, adaware comes with a number of extra features like patterns monitoring and an advanced fire wall. The company also provides 24/7 support to it is paid users of the Pro and Total packages. The latter offers a large collection of COMPUTER maintenance tools, such as info file permanently destryoing and searching for secure. It also packages the software’s PC Cleaner Pro to help fix Glass windows issues, improve boot conditions and improve your computer’s performance.

Yet , adaware is definitely not with out its drawbacks. In the last evaluation run by AV-Test, it were able to eliminate all of the tested trojans but simply blocked 94. 7 percent of 0-day attacks. Whilst those figures might seem decent, it is very worth observing that the leading antivirus solutions usually have higher scores inside the same testing. It’s important too to remember that those results are couple of years old and the security panorama is constantly changing.

Exquisite Interracial Lovers

Beautiful mixte couples are everywhere. They’re in magazines, in the news, and at weddings. They’re the sign that love may transcend ethnicity boundaries.

Whilst interracial marital relationship is elevating, ethnic bias and misjudgment still exist. However , several interracial couples have got overcome these obstacles. These kinds of couples will be role models for others, and their cases help to create a more inclusive modern culture.

Powerful mixte relationships derive from open conversation and a desire to figure out and appreciate each other’s cultures. They’re certainly not afraid to manage complications, and they have got a strong good sense of romantic relationship pleasure.

Interracial lovers can benefit from support networks that contain family and friends. They need to focus on enjoyment and creating entertaining memories together, and they should practice self-care. They can also decide to distance themselves from folks who bring disbelief into their lives.

For example , if family members or perhaps long-standing friends communicate disapproval of their significant other because of his or her competition, they should consider limiting contact with them. This permits them to create a supportive network that nurtures their relationship.

Interracial couples should be open to damage and researching other ethnic philosophy, traditions, and values. They could worship in different ways, view history in different lighting, and understand the universe in totally contrasting methods. This can be a wealthy learning experience.

Avast Premier Rating Review

Avast Most recognized is a top quality security suite with a superb malware recognition engine, and a good interface. It also contains a number of other stuff that are not present in other totally free antivirus applications. Despite this, avast premier rating does have some disadvantages, such as the reality it has been distributed off individual data to third parties in 2020. For that reason, those who worth their privateness may want to explore alternatives.

Avast’s malware safeguards has been praised by specialist reviewers and independent diagnostic tests. Its computer detection rate is certainly above average, the password director and parental controls are effective, and its anti-tracking protection is great. Its phishing technology great as well, flagging phishing sites with no need for a web browser extension.

The consumer interface has been cleaned and see here now straightforward, plus the program possesses a very minimal effect on system effectiveness. It is also great at helping users understand what each setting does. For example , options with more specialized explanations will be marked with an information icon. Avast has a help section, with extensive documentation and live chat support available for customers.

However , it is just a little steeply-priced for what it gives you. For 20 dollars less you can get Avast’s cheaper Internet Security product, which has all the same features because this one but excludes its software program updater and info shredder features. However , this really is a minor quibble, as the other features produce Avast The best worth the extra cost for most people.